OSOYOO RFID Security Master Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Basic Learning DIY

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OSOYOO RFID Security Master Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Basic Learning DIY

OSOYOO RFID Security Master Starter Kit for Arduino UNO R3 Mega2560 Basic Learning DIY

Prezzo normale ¥2,900 JPY
Prezzo di vendita ¥2,900 JPY Prezzo normale ¥4,900 JPY
Prezzo unitario
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This is an OSOYOO RFID 18-item starter kit, developed specifically for beginners who want to learn RFID DIY projects with arduino. RFID(Radio-Frequency Identification) is a technology that can be used to identify chips or tags that contains a piece of ID. An example of RFID that we see in everyday life is an electronic door lock that enable a set of keys to unlock itself while blocking out other keys.
To help beginners use this RFID kit, we designed straight forward projects for each component. Every project has a circuit graph, sample code, and accompanying picture or video. For detail, please check the following web page: https://osoyoo.com/?p=1824
This OSOYOO RFID Starter Kit is a good place to start learning RFID. The kit is a useful tool for teachers and students to do science fair project, science lab experiments and science club competitions.
With this RFID Starter Kit, you can learn how RFID key and receiver works, how to use RFID system to do security checks, how controls and communicates with other devices such as LCDs, LEDs, servo motors, and keypads.
This RFID Starter kit has 15 projects for beginners, and includes 18 types of electronic components.

We have full tech support to assist you with sample projects. For more Sample Code and DIY Project Tutorial, Please go to the web: https://osoyoo.com/?p=1824

Sample Projects for beginners:
L1: about Arduin?
L2: OSOYOO Basic Board for Arduin
L3: Download and Install Arduin IDE
L4: What is a Sketch and how does it work?
L5: How to Install Additional Arduin Libraries
L6: Hello World
L7: Blink
L9: Eight of Flowing Water Light
L10: PWM Control LED Brightness(Breathing Light)
L11: Button
L12: Buzzer
L13: Photoresistor
L14: The Serial Monitor
L15: I2C LCD1602 Display
L17: Servo
L18: Make sample security project
L19: Use touch switch sensor to turn on LED
L20: 4×4 Matrix Keypad
L21: Drive DS1302 clock moduley
L22: 1-Channel Relay Module
L23: PIR Motion Sensor
L24: Sound Detection Sensor

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great starter kit for first timers.

I am new to Arduino and this kit is truly everything you need. All of the parts are included and this is truly a complete kit with a large and small breadboard, relays and so on. This kit had everything I wanted.
All of the kit components are packed inside a nice and sturdy plastic case, with a couple of dividers and two separate sections. All sensitive components come in their own anti-static bag. The main component is of course the Arduino UNO, this is not an 'official' Arduino board as in it's not manufactured by Arduino, but the whole platform is Open Source, so don't let that discourage you. The included Arduino works perfectly and without problem. The board was recognized by the Arduino IDE without issues, the item description has a list of the components included and you can see there is a wide variety of them. So far (after about half the components) I haven't found any issues, except for the resistors, which seem to have thinner legs than I'm used to. The build quality on the components that are custom (Arduino, development shield, etc.) is pretty good. A small detail that I'm really grateful for is that the kit includes a resistor color reference - oh so useful, especially when your resistor collection keeps growing!

Fun to explore Arduino RFID

This Arduino RFID exploration set is/was a lot of fun to work with. Good value for the $$ and much less expensive if items were purchased separately.

worked perfectly.

worked perfectly and has links and code for multiple projects. Arrived promptly.

Great kit in great value! LCD is I2C, it only consume 2 pins!

I chose this kit as I wanted to have RFID reader, RFID tag & card, LCD display and so far so good. Considering the price , and if you find multiple items you need, this could be the great option rather than buying everything individually. I used RFID, LCD, Touch sensor and Servo so far, connecting to Adafruit Huzzah Feather, working pretty well. Huzzah Feather only has 3.3V but both LCD, RFID and Touch sensor working fine. RFID consume number of pins, therefore it will be difficult to add more device in this my project, but great that three device works in tiny Huzzah Feather!

Afro Samurai
Works great!

Used for a workshop at work. Card reader works great. It can be read from ~ .5”-1” away from the sensor. Great for an IOT project.