• OSOYOO IoT Starter Kit Internet of Things for Raspberry Pi

OSOYOO IoT Starter Kit Internet of Things for Raspberry Pi


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  • THE LATEST IOT KIT--This Starter Kit combines the latest IOT technologies into one and include 14 kinds of different electronic components items. (not including Raspberry Pi )
  • THE PREFERRED KIT FOR STARTER-- Preferred--This IOT kit uses the Raspberry Pi to connect sensors and actuators to the internet, so you can control them remotely. It is a must-have for both students and hobbyists and is perfect for science fair projects!
  • CREATIVE IOT PROJECTS--Through our IOT kit, you can get your home temperature and humidity in your web browser; control a servo motor; turn on a LED with your smart phone; create many more interesting and creative projects.
  • DETAILED TUTORIAL ON WEBSITE--You can find detailed tutorials, sample projects and step-by-step guidance for a free IOT cloud service on KOOKYE's website.

Package Included:
1 x Solderless Prototype Breadboard
1 x GPIO to Breadboard 40-pin breakout interface
Jumper Wires(2 x 8pin female to female 20cm)
Jumper Wires(1 x 40pin male to male 15cm)
LED (6 x Bright White, 6 x Red, 6 x Yellow, 6 x Green)
3x Photoresistor(light sensor)
1x MCP3008 A/D converter
5x push buttons
1x DHT11 Temperature/Humidity sensor
1x DS18B20 Temperature sensor
1x Digital Motion sensor
1x servo motor
1x BMP180 Pressure/Temperature Sensor
1x Relay
1x PCA9685 PWM I2C Controller
20x Resistors(200 ohm)
20x Resistors(1K ohm)
20x Resistors(10K ohm)
5x Resistors(1M ohm)