OSOYOO LGT Nano for Arduino Nano Compatible with ATmega328p Chip Nano Board with USB-C Interface


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Compatible with Arduino Nano V3.0,for Arduino IDE

High-performance low-power 8-bit processor

The maximum main frequency of internal crystal oscillator is 32M.

12bit ADC (analog to digital conversion)

32KB of which 1K for boot, 2K for emulated errom

2KB internal SRAM,1KB EEPROM

32 x 8 General Purpose Working Registers

6 PWM Channels,Built-in DAC

Programmable Serial USART

Master/Slave SPI Serial Interface


OSOYOO AVR Compatible Boards is a 3rd party hardware support package for the LGT8F core based arduino boards. We have try to keep all the standard features compatible with arduino world. So feel free to resuse all of the libraries which designed for arduino platform.

Microcontroller based on LGT8F has more advanced features which not covered in standard arduino implementation. so there are also many new features merged to this 3rd party package. Important update and new features you can visit osoyoo website for your reference.

You need to Install Arduino Hardware Support Package for LGT-NANO from lesson 1 in OSOYOO website before using.

An elaborately-written tutorial, ,sample code and schematic diagrams

During the development process, in the event of short circuit, overvoltage, misoperation of flash, the Arduino Bootloader will have a very low probability of being damaged or lost, resulting in the failure to upload the program using the Arduino IDE.

You need to Install Arduino Hardware Support Package for LGT-NANO from lesson 1 in OSOYOO website before using.

  • introduction:Main features, Tech Specs,LGT-NANO Pinout,Dimension,Application Examples
  • Lesson1: Install Arduino Hardware Support Package for LGT-NANO
  • Lesson2: Quick Start of OSOYOO LGT-Nano
  • Lesson3:How to download bootloader for LGT-NANO
  • Power Supply

    6-12V unregulated external power supply(Pin 30)

    5V regulated external power supply (Pin 27)

    Type-C USB connection

    You can use USB-C to USB-C cable and USB-C to Type-C cable connect LGT nano and computer.(LGT-Nano Board V1.1:USB-C to USB-C cable is applicable.)

  • USB-C Port Reinforced

    In order to prevent the interface from being damaged, this latest revision reinforced the USB-C port and make it more stronger solder points.

    Increase the USB fuse to protect the computer port from damage.

  • Package

    1x OSOYOO LGT-Nano board for arduino

    3x OSOYOO LGT-Nano board for arduino