• 5-Channel Tracking sensor for Osoyoo Model-3 Robot Learning Kit V2 (model#2020001700)

5-Channel Tracking sensor for Osoyoo Model-3 Robot Learning Kit V2 (model#2020001700)


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  • The OSOYOO 5-Channel IR Tracker Sensor is an array of 5 IR sensors that are configured and read as digital bits.
  • The OSOYOO 5-Channel IR Tracker Sensor can adapt to many complex environments, users can adjust the on-board sensitivity potentiometer according to the actual situation to modify trigger threshold, which detecting changes in the angle of the curve track. On board 5 channel infrared tracking probe can simultaneously detect the middle track line and detect the left and right edges.
  • This IR reflective sensor utilizes a ITR9909 to detect color and distance. The working principle is to use the different reflectivity of infrared light to color, converting the strength of the reflected signal into a current signal.
  • During the detection, black is active at LOW level, and white is active at HIGH. The detection height is 0-3 cm.
  • This tracking sensor integrated 5 infrared probe, it is equal to 5 single tracking sensors, which makes the car tracking the line more smoothly.


Product Description



Operating Voltage: 3.3-5V(DC)

5-channels reflective optical sensors mounted inline (ITR9909 )

On-board hex inverter provides a clean digital output

Sensitive to dark color and infrared

Digital Outputs LOW when objects detected

On-board indicator LED to show the results

Onboard potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity

Output Signal: Digital Signal

Output signal: TTL level

Detection Height: 0-3cm

Comes with M3 flexible mounting slot



1. The infrared light emitted by the infrared probe is invisible to the human eye.

2. In order to avoid the influence of sunlight on the infrared sensor, we need to use the module indoors.


Package included:

5 x OSOYOO 5-Line Tracking Sensor