OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino MEGA2560, Smart Home Electronic STEM Starter Set, Learning Internet of Things


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Want to learn the Internet of Things (IoT)?

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About this kit

OSOYOO Smart Home loT Learning Kit was designed to facilitate developers to quickly learn Arduino and loT technologies.It help users to turn the idea into a practical application and make the Internet of Things a reality.

This unique kit is built as an introduction to the world of IoT — and provides a glimpse into the future of autonomous homes. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, and one of the largest growth sectors is in home automation. This kit will introduce you to the concepts of home automation and allow you to build and practice with your own IoT home.

Intelligent & Fun System for Beginners & Professionals: 

Perfect intro to programmable electronic and IoT robotics. Includes a 19 lesson tutorial that will take young boys and girls from amateurs to experts while they play. Our simple to follow guide takes you and your child on a journey from building a simple ‘Hello World!’ program to a complex fully functional smart home with a RFID door switch, motion, Ultrasonic distance detection and more!

Wi-Fi Programming and Control: 

The Internet of Things simply means connecting devices to the internet and other network connected devices, allowing you to control them from your web browser, smartphone and more. Essentially, it allows you to take any device with an on/off switch and connect it to the internet, which allows you control over your home and devices from almost anywhere in the world. With dedication and a bit of practice you’ll feel like an expert in no time!

Best DIY Internet of Things Value Pack for Early Learners: 

This Gift Bundle Includes Everything You Need To Build & Engineer Your IoT Home Kit: Wooden House Model, OSOYOO MEGA2560 Board, MEGA IoT Extension Board, One-Channel Relay, Micro Servo Motor, 1602 I2C LCD Module, Gas, Flame & Sound Detection Modules, RFID, LED, & Button Modules, 4x4 Matrix Keypad. Sensor Set Includes: Photosensitive, Temperature & Humidity, Buzzer, Ultrasonic, PIR Motion. PnP Jumpers, Cables, & More

STEAM Curriculum Built for the Classroom or Home: 

Great for any skill level — whether you’re a pro or beginner. ! Our MEGA IoT Extension Board supports XH2.54 that allows PnP devices to be connected error free, making this kit the easiest way of learning about the Internet of Things. Our easy to follow guide will walk you through setting up temperature and humidity detection, control of a servo motor, RFID entry, and so much more — right in your web browser.


This kit doesn't need a separate power supply, it is powered via the supplied usb cable that is plugged into the computer you use to program it.

If you need a power adapter, please see this link:



Example Experiments


Remote Control LED

A simple Internet of Things (IoT) project – to turn on/off an LED from a remote browser


Remote Monitor Intruder Motion Sensor Status

Use Internet to monitor remote motion sensor status and detect intruder.

If there is no intruder is detected, Green LED is ON.

If any intruder is detected,Red LED will turn ON.


Simulate Remote Switching Door

A Internet of Things (IoT) project – to control a servo from a remote browser.



Wooden House Model

It uses "house" to put all the sensors in realistic situations.

The “house” is made with press board and is easily assembled.


Plug and play

MEGA-IoT Shield which has many pins available on the board and enables you to add extra sensors than what we provide in the kit as to fulfill more functions and makes it more personalized.

Beside we redesigned the expansion board and cables by adding XH2.54 interfaces. which makes wiring become very handy and easy and almost impossible to make mistakes when installing sensors.

We also reserved the pins on the board so DIY lovers can customize it and have more possibilities.


Detail Tutorials

Includes 19 lesson coherent tutorial;

It start simple, become advanced later on;

It clear and easy to follow;

libraries, main code with the examples projects provided;

It give you a great starting point for building your own projects.

Two methods to get tutorials:

PDF files;

Online-tutorial on OSOYOO official website.

Perfect for:

Teachers & Educators: Our kits are used in classrooms and home schools around the world to introduce STEM skills to people of all ages. Makes the perfect teaching aid for class demonstrations or science fairs.

Parents & Grandparents: Great for those moments when you want to keep yourself or your child occupied away from a screen. Fantastic project to spend quality time with your children while having fun and learning together.

Everyone: who want to learn about coding; who are interested in programming ; who build electronic projects as a hobby.


Tutorial link: 



Package includes following parts:



Please known that we updated the package box and several parts which is different from the video.