• Open Box Refurbished 5 Inch MIPI DSI Touch Screen LCD Display  for Raspberry Pi

Open Box Refurbished 5 Inch MIPI DSI Touch Screen LCD Display for Raspberry Pi



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This 5" DSI screen for Raspberry Pi comes from customer returning order.

The quality and functionality is exactly same as original OSOYOO 5" DSI screen. 

You will save 30% from original price. 
The detail of the original product is as following:

    This screen is made with IPS material which can reduce reflexion rate.
  • DSI Connector compatible with MIPI standard,Plug and Play, No Driver Needed !
  • Capacitive Touch Screen ,Finger Touch,800x480 high resolution, better touch response, faster response time
  • 5 inch display monitor with high resolution picture and large viewing screen.
  • Free drive support Raspberry ,Ubuntu MATE,Kali,RetroPie,OpenElec,OSMC,Arch system and so on.
  • Support all raspberry board except PI zero(PI A,PI B need use I2C on gpio).


The 5" LCD display is an LCD display which connects to the Raspberry Pi through the DSI connector.
It is capacitive touch LCD screen.
It is compatible with Raspberry Pi 4, 3B+, 3B, and 2B
Equipped with reserved fixing holes for control boards – suitable for Raspberry Pi 4, 3 model B+,3 model B, and 2 model B.
It doesn't need install driver, and you can plug and play.
The Physical resolution of LCD display is 800*480
No need additional power

Creative for DIY

As OSOYOO 5" DSI touch screen connect with Raspberry Pi via DSI ribbon cable, makers can extend the raspberry pi GPIOs for DIY projects.

What's more, no need driver and supported multiple Linux operation systems, makers can create more ideas.


Datasheet and instruction link:

What’s Inside?

1x 5 inches DSI Touch LCD Screen for Raspberry Pi
1x DSI Ribbon Cable
1x Philips screwdriver
1x User manual