• MPU6050 Gyroscope Module

MPU6050 Gyroscope Module


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OSOYOO 2WD Balance Car Robot Kit:


The inertial measurement unit are electronic devices that measure and report about velocity, orientation and gravitational forces to which the device is subjected. IMUs combine information from various sensors, mainly magnetometers, accelerometers and gyroscopes. To use an IMU correctly, it will be necessary to combine the measurements of both devices. For this, two different methods are usually used:

  • Complementary filter: based on the combination of a high pass and low pass filter. This filter main advantages are, easy implementation and low computational cost.
  • Kalman filter: the algorithm was in 1960 by Rudolf E. Kalman. It allows to combine the information of different noisy sources minimizing the error through a predictive loop. Although better measures are obtained, the computational cost is much higher.

The aim of this process is to obtain a measure as realistic as possible of the navigation angles of the object. These angles are defined by solving the problem of determining the position and orientation of an object relative to a base in a three-dimensional space. Allow the relative orientation of both systems to be expressed by describing the orientation of an object by three orthogonal rotations about the X (roll), Y (pitch) and Z (yaw) axes. In our case, the MPU-6050 IMU was used, which incorporates a gyroscope and an accelerometer and is accessible using the I2C communication bus.