• OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino
  • OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino
  • OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino
  • OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino
  • OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino
  • OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino

OSOYOO IoT Wooden House Learner Kit for Arduino


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INTELLIGENT & FUN SYSTEM FOR BEGINNERS & PROFESSIONALS: Perfect intro to programmable electronic and IoT robotics. Includes a 19 lesson tutorial that will take young boys and girls from amateurs to experts while they play. Our simple to follow guide takes you and your child on a journey from building a simple ‘Hello World!’ program to a complex fully functional smart home with a RFID door switch, motion, Ultrasonic distance detection and more!


WIFI PROGRAMMING AND CONTROL: The Internet of Things simply means connecting devices to the internet and other network connected devices, allowing you to control them from your web browser, smartphone and more. Essentially, it allows you to take any device with an on/off switch and connect it to the internet, which allows you control over your home and devices from almost anywhere in the world. With dedication and a bit of practice you’ll feel like an expert in no time!

BEST DIY INTERNET OF THINGS VALUE PACK FOR EARLY LEARNERS: This Gift Bundle Includes Everything You Need To Build & Engineer Your IoT Home Kit: Wooden House Model, OSOYOO MEGA2560 Board, MEGA IoT Extension Board, One-Channel Relay, Micro Servo Motor, 1602 I2C LCD Module, Gas, Flame & Sound Detection Modules, RFID, LED, & Button Modules, 4x4 Matrix Keypad. Sensor Set Includes: Photosensitive, Temperature & Humidity, Buzzer, Ultrasonic, PIR Motion. PnP Jumpers, Cables, & More

STEAM CURRICULUM BUILT FOR THE CLASSROOM OR HOME: Great for any skill level — whether you’re a pro or beginner. ! Our MEGA IoT Extension Board supports XH2.54 that allows PnP devices to be connected error free, making this kit the easiest way of learning about the Internet of Things. Our easy to follow guide will walk you through setting up temperature and humidity detection, control of a servo motor, RFID entry, and so much more — right in your web browser

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Package includes following parts:

No. Picture Device Qty. Link
1 Wooden House Model 1 Click here to buy
2 OSOYOO MEGA2560 Board 1 Click here to buy
3 OSOYOO MEGA-IoT Extension Board 1 Click here to buy
4 Photosensitive Sensor 1 Click here to buy
5 Temp & Hum Sensor 1 Click here to buy
6  OSOYOO Active Buzzer Module 1 Click here to buy
7 Flame Detection Sensor 1 Click here to buy
8 1-Channel Relay 1 Click here to buy
9 Micro Servo Motor 1 Click here to buy
10 RGB Module 1 Click here to buy
11 Ultrasonic Sensor 1 Click here to buy
12 PIR Motion Sensor 1 Click here to buy
13 Microphone Module 1 Click here to buy
14 1602 I2C LCD Screen 1 Click here to buy
15 Gas Detection Module 1 Click here to buy
16 RFID Module 1 Click here to buy
17 4*4 Keypad 1 Click here to buy
18 Yellow LED Module 1 Click here to buy
19 Red LED Module 1 Click here to buy
20 Green LED Module 1 Click here to buy
21 White LED Module 1 Click here to buy
22 Red Button Module 1 Click here to buy
23 Blue Button Module 1 Click here to buy
24 Philips Screwdriver 1 Click here to buy